December 5 - Take Weekends Off!

Things are always busier during the holidays with less time for yourself than usual, but our Covid times make things even worse!  With a lot of people working from home they are finding work extends into the evening, late night e-mails and sometimes taking up entire weekends! So Todays beauty tip is to take a weekend off! We did, deciding to post Saturday and Sunday’s tips on Monday!

Nothing makes a person look better than looking well rested! A lot of us think we’re so busy, but often the problem is simply not managing our time well. Integrate simple time savers into your life than will make the most out of your workday and minimize how much of your workday extends into your weekends and evenings!

How can you do that?  Cut down on time wasters!  Checking social networking sites a million times a day, watching 24-7 news channels, looking through all that advertising e-mails –these things have taken over our lives!  I am not saying cut them out completely! Just cut down!

Also learn how to draw the line.  Today people think nothing of 5 pm emails and many of us feel we have to respond immediately. Do we really? The real hint to simply focus how your time is being spent so that  you do find time to recharge! I have always said that no matter how busy people think they are, they always find time to do what is important to them.  Make relaxing weekends a priority!  You’ll see how much better you look and feel!