Inspiration for Our Fall/Winter 2022/23 Collection "I Scream!"

Inspiration for Our Fall/Winter 2022/23 Collection "I Scream!"

Inspiration for Our Fall/Winter 2022/23 Collection "I Scream!"


Tata loves to juxtapose two concepts together and this Fall/Winter’s Collection features just the perfect combination – Tata’s love of ice cream and horror films! Whether it’s “Ice Cream!” or “I Scream!” our new collection will have something for everyone!

There’s nothing Tata likes better than soft Neapolitan colors for Fall and Winter! We can’t think of anything more striking than winter white! Tata has an old winter white coat that always gets her appreciative looks surrounded by crowds wearing black ones. Creamy white in winter is sure to make you stand out. Add soft browns – a great alternative to black and round out the combination with pink – clearly the color of the season! We cannot forget ice cream cone colored tan, a neutral that looks great on everyone as long as it is the perfect hue!

And yes – Tata – can’t live without her black, so as the season deepens and our horror show begins, black will take over the collection!

Planning for the collection began last year. Samples were made and we kept waiting for snow which we had so little of last year!  When the first two snows fell, Tata grabbed Morgan and dragged her outside to photograph a couple of the new pieces! Who knew ice cream would drip when it was so cold outside!  But drip it did as Morgan put on a brave face for the pictures! You would think we had learned our lesson, but pictures taken once summer had started still had ice cream dripping everywhere in the hot sun.  We finally decided to switch to cups rather than cones, but the generosity of the vendors meant our cups were overfilling and hence still dripping! We love the idea of featuring local vendors, which really make the shoots fun and had a great time shooting at New York’s finest ice cream shops and even at a fabulous ice cream truck parked right on Columbus Circle!

When we leased our first store and it was not yet open, planning our window began. Our window features Tata’s perfect Ice Cream shop with a background quilt entirely made by hand by Tata and her assistant Alex! Our ladies sit with their sundaes made by TrishasByDesign that Tata found on Etsy. They look so real!

 We won’t tell you what’s to come as we get more towards spooky season, we’re going to leave that for a surprise!

Which brings us to Tata’s love of classic horror films.  Tata is now afraid to open her window ever since rewatching Hitchcock’s The Birds and Pyscho’s suspense never fails! Yet newer classics also are great! From Jaws to Silence of The Lambs to Cat People (featuring songs from Bowie to die for!) Tata couldn’t get enough growing up!  Don’t forget about Carrie, Halloween, Misery, The Exorcist and of course The Omen, I, II, and III! Tata loves a good scare and one of her fondest memories is of sneaking out with her best friend in high school to go see Godzilla vs The Smog Monster!

Horror films thrill us just as Tata hopes her new collection will thrill you!


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