Shari Tata Opens First Store on Upper East Side

PRESS RELEASE  July 11, 2022

Mother-daughter lawyer pair brings flirty feminine fashion to the UES!

Lawyers Shari Rivkind and daughter Morgan Weil announce the opening of their store, “Shari Tata”, on July 20th, 2022 at 976 Lexington Avenue, New York, New York 10021. These ladies have happily gone from full-time lawyers to having two full-time jobs! Shari Rivkind, “Tata,” to her friends, always wanted to be a fashion designer. After a successful 35-year career in law, Tata decided to go to school at Parsons and become certified in fashion design.

For four years, Shari Tata, a New York and New Jersey-based company, has been showing its unique fashions at artisan markets including: Grand Bazaar on the upper west side, Artists & Fleas in Brooklyn, and Main Street Pops in Hoboken, steadily building a community of loyal customers & brand advocates.

When it became clear that their customers wanted more, Morgan pushed hard for a store in her favorite neighborhood, the upper east side of Manhattan. When Morgan found the spot located on Lexington Avenue with huge picture windows, she knew they had to have it!

“Clothing for women who love to be noticed” is their motto. A lover of the arts, travel, history, and culture, Tata makes each collection an exploration. With a modern twist on classic styles, often with a bit of whimsy, Shari Tata’s clothing is always unique. Tata loves to surprise; she loves making feminine fall dresses in fleece and likes a front zippered summer dress, because “A woman can go as sexy as she wants!” When you walk down the street in a Tata dress or outfit you’re bound to get appreciative looks from passersby!

With a love for fashion history, Tata is a true believer that what is old can be new again and has had collections as varied as “Queen Vicky”, a modern twist on Victorian fashion to “Mad About Wine” which explored fine wine and 60’s influenced styles. An advocate for bringing communities together, Shari Tata’s campaigns often feature surrounding neighborhoods and businesses. “Marie” a collection celebrating the French Revolution and Marie Antoinette, featured local bakeries in New York and New Jersey, “Farm Fresh” featured local farmer’s markets and “In a New York Minute” featured Manhattan’s best known landmarks.

True slow fashion, Shari Tata’s clothing is actually designed and patterned by Tata, then produced by Tata and her team, something quite unusual in today’s world. Careful study of tailoring and fabulous construction means when a woman puts on Shari Tata clothing, she’ll feel like a million bucks! Tata explains that her idea of sustainability is buying wonderfully made clothing that will last for years and years. Daughter Morgan has taken over the reign of operating all the business aspects of the company. With beauty and brains, Morgan is the face of the Shari Tata brand and is featured in many of its promotional materials.

Shari Tata opens the store with its collection “Aux Bateaux” sharing Tata’s love for everything to do with boats! The “Classic Sailor Dress” is anything but classic! This fall, Shari and Morgan will treat us with “I Scream,” their take on Neapolitan ice cream and classic horror films!

In a world where everyone dresses the same, but people want to be appreciated for their differences, Shari Tata steps in. These ladies invite you to join them in their passions! Shari Tata, clothing for women who love to be noticed!

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Shari Rivkind


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Shari Tata

976 Lexington Avenue

New York, N.Y. 10021


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