Tata's Musings on Love

Tata's Musings on Love

Tata's Musings on Love

Valentine’s Day is just the perfect time for my musings on love. First, we start with Shari Tata and why I started the company and why we opened the store. I have simply always loved fashion and love to create. My amazing parents were both so creative and really instilled creativity in my sisters and I. As far a fashion, I attribute it all to my grandma Sophie, my daddy’s mama. Grandma Sophie was always impeccably dressed in beautiful clothing, and she instilled this in my father! He truly had amazing taste and for most of my growing up years bought most of my mother’s clothing! My mom Ruthie had an incredible figure, and she was always the most stylish sexy woman around – at least when Daddy dressed her! As far as Ruthie’s personal taste, she was a little too loud and crazy for the rest of us! She loved bright colors, especially red, and loved wild patterns, especially cheetah. Neon?  Forget about it!

When I imagined my clothing line, I wanted to do what my daddy did for my mama, make women look their absolute best.  Make them look like women by accentuating what makes a woman a woman, add in details and secret tricks to do what all us women want – slim over a hip, make our waists look a little smaller, add the illusion of hips if we feel we look too straight and those sorts of things. More than anything, I love clothing where you look sexy and classy, never trashy, and clothing that’s feminine but never over frilly.

As far as love, I honestly believe love is what you want it to be. I love what I am doing these days, even though the hours are insane. I love picturing a design in my head, plotting it out, then seeing it come to life.  I love my little Yorkie, Felina, even though she wakes me up before 6 a.m. It’s her newest kick. Yet at the same time she has also started sleeping cuddled right up next to me, something I have wanted her to do for years! And then there's Bug. My mama's little chihuahua, whom I have inherited, is annoying, bratty, and infuriating at times, yet I love her. Through her, my mom is still with me. I love my daughters, even though they sometimes treat me like a child! Morgan has gone from merely being supportive in this dream of mine to becoming a full partner in crime! Amanda keeps me going, doing all the things I would otherwise ignore! I love my friends, both new and old. I am head over heels about our neighbors by our store on Lexington. I could not dream about a better group of people who not only help us out but even watch out for us! I adore my sisters. My big sister Robin is so supportive, that I get harassing texts if she hasn’t received pictures from photo shoots within minutes after they are done! And my young men - you know who you are - thanks for being so supportive!

So this Valentine’s Day, I’ll wear red with love.  It would make my mama Ruthie smile!


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