December 11 – Take care of that smile!

One of the most important ways to sparkle for the holidays is to take care of that smile!  There is no doubt that the most important beauty feature is your smile and it starts out by taking care of those pearly whites!

Dentistry is pricey, there’s no dispute! Many of us either have no dental coverage or coverage which is clearly inadequate. However, one of the first things you can do to minimize your dental expense over time is to take care of them, minimizing the relatively minor cost of things like fillings or the not so minor cost of root canals and crowns. So think twice before going to bed without brushing or after sugary snacks or missing those bi-annual cleanings!

If it takes saving up and forgoing other things to pay for more cosmetic things – or even things like braces – to improve your smile, realize that nothing will enhance your beauty more. We’re big fans of white teeth and safe whitening is out there! White teeth simply shed light on your face making you look more beautiful. Have a gap? There are so many possibilities to correct them, some more costly than others, but all truly worth the expense. Missing some teeth? Find you aren’t smiling as much because of it? Realize, perhaps you should take a hard look at your budget and even if it takes years, should save up to have them replaced.

We won’t even go into the obvious – that healthy teeth are important for your well-being and health. It has also been proven that smiling in itself makes you a happier person! There is simply nothing more important than your smile!