December 13 - Throw on a Silk Blouse!

They say people these days don’t like dressing up and I’m not so sure it’s true!  I think people today simply want non fussy, comfortable clothing. Around the holidays, there are often occasions where you want to be “dressed up” but don’t need - or want - a party outfit.  These are some of the occasions that cry out for a silk blouse!

Silk today is no longer as pricey as it once was, although quality often affects its price. You can take anything from a pair of jeans or black pants to a woven skirt or even your everyday suit and make it sparkle with a beautiful silk blouse! Cream belongs in everyone’s wardrobe and for the holidays, nothing beats red!

I’m a big believer in investment dressing – buying quality pieces that will be in your wardrobe for years and make you look great in them.  Silk blouses are one of the best investments you can make!