December 15 - Keep That Holiday Manicure Longer!

Years ago a manicurist taught me the best tip ever!  After your manicure is done either have your professional or yourself run some clear polish lightly across the top of your nail and underneath your nail! The extra coat under your nail really seems to make them stronger and by sealing the edges in this manner they truly do not chip as quickly!

Another key tip is to add another clear coat every other day or so. Again this will add strength and keep it bright and shiny!

I find there’s one other thing that tends to be the death knell for great nails. It is too much water! Whether you are doing dishes, washing your hand frequently – important in today’s Covid world – or taking out sopping wet laundry, water simply weakens nails.  So do yourself a favor, wear rubber gloves when you can and always moisturize your hands after washing them!