December 17 - Get a Fabulous Pair of Snow boots!

This recent Nor-easter showed us that nothing is as great as a pair of snow boots when it starts to really come down. We find that often, the last thing people think about when they think about fashion is snow boots – but they should!

The first reason is because if you are like many of us, it may not snow that often.  What this means is that it makes sense to invest in a fabulous pair because you can have them for years! Second, in today’s world nothing beats the photo opportunity of pictures outside in the snow, so why not look great?  Third, try your stylish rainboots out there a and you’ll see they don’t really do the job!  The tread on a snow boot is really there to help you avoid slipping – something those great rain boots rarely have.

The top designers have known this tip for years and I still lament not buying the perfect Chanel pair many years ago!  Big, puffy and faux fur-lined in white – I still dream about them! So no matter what color or type, get yourself a fabulous pair of snow boots!