December 2 - Wear a Familial Conversation Piece!

Shari Tata

Wear a familial Conversation Piece! Here I’m talking about that watch that your daddy gave you when you were a little girl with the cat face and little pinballs that fell into the holes, the little purse your grandmother brought back from her trip to Switzerland, your mother’s retro 60's dress – those sort of things! So many people wear the same old basics or store bought clothing that what you wear rarely sparks a conversation! Yet put on something unusual and truly personal and it’s bound to get noticed! The family stories will come out, which is just so special this time of year when family is so important. If that loved one who gave you the item is gone or far away, it will also make you feel closer to them!  People often think “fashion” is throwing on a designer bag and pair of sunglasses, but real “style” is making what you wear your own. Today I think I’ll put on a black turtleneck and pants and pair them with my purple fuchsia metallic ladybug necklace where the wings open to reveal a watch – given to me by my daddy when I was a little girl! What will you put on?

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