December 4 - Try Purple Eyeshadow!

December 4 - Try Purple Eyeshadow!

December 4 - Try Purple Eyeshadow!

Now some of you are thinking “Me? Purple eyeshadow – are you crazy??” We’re not!  Purple is the new brown – and quite frankly has been for a long time!

Why purple? Purple eyeshadow is actually quite neutral and will coordinate with whatever you are wearing, yet that spark of color will add some sparkle to your look! Purple will also brighten your own eye color – seriously! The green in hazel eyes pops out, making them look greener, blue eyes look deeper and brown eyes get more dimension! 

Remember that color analysis we talked about on December 1st’s tip? Well check it out for a refresher because the right purple makes all the difference and again depends on your hue and depth!  Want to look scary in purple? Throw on a light lilac on dark skin and eyes! Looking for a zombie look? Throw on that really dark purple on light skin and eyes. We don’t want either now do we? Instead think of a lighter lilac for rosy pink skin and light eyes/hair. Dark hair with pale rosy skin? You’ll look great in a darker true violet or a bluish purple. Yellow tones with dark skin and eyes?  Think of that dark purple with a yellowish tone to it.

Again we give you a chart:

Summer – Lavender, lilac, orchid

Winter –Dark violet, grape, plum, indigo

Spring – Iris, plum, red violet, true purple

Autumn – boysenberry, plum, jam, wine, eggplant

Now if you’re shy in fully taking the plunge and are a brown eyeshadow type of girl, try mixing your brown with purple! Put the purple on the lid and use brown in the crease and extended up towards your brows a bit.  Blend well. You’ll get that little punch of color without the full commitment! 

Sparkle or no sparkle? That’s up to you! The only thing we caution with the lighter shades is to make sure they are not too pink – like some of the orchids.  Sometimes these make you look like you have pinkeye – not a good look at all!

So put that brown palette to the side for the holidays and try some purple!