December 6 - Get Yourself a Pair of Fur (Faux) Gloves!

Shari Tata

Get yourself a pair of fur (faux) gloves! Nothing dresses up any old coat better than a pair of gloves with fur cuffs, they just so festive! Take a red coat with a nice creamy white pair and it instantly screams holidays! Take a plain black coat, with some black fur cuffs and you are immediately elegant!

It is a funny thing, fur around hoods and collars have become so ubiquitous that they are no longer special. I remember thinking it rather odd when I first saw a man wearing a typical puffer jacket with fur around the hood, until I looked around and realized dozens of them were wearing such coats! But fur gloves are a different story – you simply don’t see them as much!

Today’s faux furs are so good that you often can’t really tell the difference between them and the real thing! In many ways, it is hard to explain why fur just looks so elegant and dressed up. But real or faux it does!




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