December 7 - Wear a Beautiful Coat!

December 7 - Wear a Beautiful Coat!

December 7 - Wear a Beautiful Coat!

A lot of people focus on their clothing, matching everything up, carefully looking at every detail,  but then simply throw on any old coat! For years, I was even this way! I would reason “It is just a coat, who cares!”  Yet live in a region that has actual winters, you are basically being seen in your coat as much, if not more, than your clothing! Think about it. You go out to dinner, you want to make that entrance - and make sure you get that good table! People always say that first impressions count, and a lot of those impressions are being made with that coat!

So the first tip is to buy a coat that you LOVE! If you are looking to invest in just one coat, I am a big fan of the three quarter length black wool coat – with or without gold buttons – one that will hit you mid-calf. A coat like this will take you to work and even dressy occasions. I like classic styles. For work or going out, throw on a silk scarf instead of a typical wool scarf. Now if you want to be more adventurous and truly be noticed, buy yourself an off white or even red coat! These two colors are classics and will go with just about everything yet, in a world of black coats, they truly make you stand out!

Suppose you just hate the cold or it is so cold that you really need a puffer coat. We have some recommendations:

The quilting on a puffer coat is key to whether that coat will be flattering or not:

 -  no horizontal lines – we don’t want to look like the Micheline man!

 - narrow channels will make you look much slimmer.

 Waist cinching details  also add style and shape:

 - hidden drawstrings

 - belted ones

Look for detachable hoods, especially if they are fur brimmed, because you won’t always want that bulky fur hood.

It is really difficult to find puffer coats that you can wear to an elegant affair, but believe it or not they can be found! So whether it is number one on your Santa’s wish list or a splurge for yourself – get yourself a good coat this holiday season!