December 9 - If You See a Great Evening Bag, Buy it!

Shari Tata

We call them evening bags, but what we are talking about here are purses to wear with dressy clothing – day or night. So that is Rule # 1: If you are dressed up, do not wear your everyday purse or tote! While it may be more convenient, nothing looks worse!

Finding a great bag is extremely difficult. You know the drill. An occasion is coming up, your purse is the last thing you thought of and there you are at a big department store faced with a bunch of boring bags and you just buy one because you have no more options.

Instead, actively keep your eyes out for great bags in classic shades – black, gold, silver, cream and maybe even a white. If you have a favorite color – let’s say pink – that you find yourself always wearing, look out for that color as well. I’m a big believer in “investment dressing” and getting yourself a stable of fabulous go-to dressy bags is simply a  great investment.

What makes a bag great?  Maybe it is simple, but has a great shape.  Maybe it is made beautifully with great details. Maybe it is unusual – my favorite bag is a simple black bag where the clasp is a pair of golden dice, discovered years ago and worn numerous times!

So get that great bag and you’ll never be “in a clutch”!

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