Tata University

Welcome to Tata University! From the onset of Shari Tata each of our collections have been inspired by a passion of its designer.  We started with "Farm Fresh", which advocated for buying local and supporting local farmers, we then explored the literature of Charles Dickens with our "Queen Vicky" collection which explored the Victorian Age in which Dickens wrote.  "Mad about Wine" brought us to 60's fashion and an exploration of fine wines - a passion Shari inherited from her father!  "Postcards From Italy" brought us Shari's love of all things Italian from the Romans to the Renaissance to the present with its rich history, architecture and art. Impress Me! is all about the art of the Impressionists.

Tata has shared little bits on her social media, product descriptions and blogs about these passions and several people have asked for more!  So join us in our "Tata University"!  Go at your own pace and share Tata's love of art, history, literature, famous cities and more!